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50 Things Every Guy Should Know How to Cook

50 Things Every Guy Should Know How to Cook

Man can’t live on Mickey D’s and Domino’s MeatZZas alone. Well, at least he shouldn’t. Cooking can save money and your health, and it’s far more rewarding than offering to pick up the take-out order. That said, with so many potential dishes and challenges, where should your culinary journey begin? We’ve compiled a list of 50 things we think every man should know how to cook. Some are easy, some are less than easy, but all will help transform you into a well-rounded home chef. So pop a bottle, break out the cast iron and get cooking.


1. A proper omelette

Allow Jacques Pepin to show you how.

2. Chocolate chip cookies

The difference between store-bought chocolate chip cookies and homemade chocolate chip cookies is flat-out ridiculous.


3. A whole roast chicken

4. A go-to hors d’oeuvre

You’ll attend a lot of parties in your life. Don’t show up with frozen pigs in a blanket every time.


5. Steak. Medium-rare.

6. A perfectly rolled burrito

Some say the mythical feat has never been accomplished.


7. Pizza

Make the dough. Make the sauce. Select the right cheese. It will give you a new appreciation for the places slinging incredible pies.

8. Scrambled eggs that aren’t overcooked


9. Grilled cheese where all the cheese is melted but it’s not coming out the sides

10. A big pot of rice

In the words of the late Mitch Hedberg, “Rice is great if you’re really hungry and want to eat two thousand of something.”


11. A good stir-fry

It’s more than just throwing shit in a hot pan. Not a lot more, but more.

12. A quality red sauce

(Hint: Use San Marzano tomatoes.)


13. Chili

Extra challenge, don’t follow a recipe. Chili comes from the heart, then returns there with heartburn.

14. Something beer-battered

Honestly, it just sounds cool.


15. Guacamole

Premade guacamole is an insult.

16. A hot toddy

Looks like you’re having alcohol for dinner!


17. Your own apple pie

As an adult, you are allowed to bake, and eat, your very own apple pie. That’s a privilege you should be taking advantage of.

18. Duck a l’Orange

You need one dish to break out on the most romantic of nights. This is it.


19. A loaf of bread

Creating a loaf of bread is a delicious science experiment.

20. Perfectly crisped bacon


21. Shepard’s Pie

It’s pie. For dinner.

22. Something with your crockpot

It’s dummy-proof.


23. Whipped cream

Fruit should basically grow with the stuff on it.

24. A proper hamburger


25. A vinaigrette

Once you’ve emulsified oil and vinegar, you’ll realize why your grandmother’s forearms rivaled Popeye’s.