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50 Books Every Man Should Read Before He’s 50

The best books for men aren't necessarily all what you might think of as "manly." At their core, the books that men should read (yes, even the books for men who don't like to read) teach a lesson. Sometimes that lesson is straight forward--self help books for men that improve…

The 8 Best Japanese Denim Brands Making High-Quality Jeans

There's something special about brands that make clothing in the good ol' U.S. of A. There's a sense of pride in wearing it, and you can often expect that pride to last for a long time, as durability is a common theme among American-made garb. That said, particular garments from…

The Story Behind Each of the Most Popular Monopoly Pieces, Past and Present

While many board games use colorful little pegs as markers, Monopoly, the game with the unique power to unite and divide a family in the matter of an hour, has those odd tokens you’re no doubt familiar with. You've probably played more than a few games with the little racecar…

Our 10 Favorite Episodes of Anthony Bourdain’s TV Shows

Anthony Bourdain was a storyteller who used food and drink as a way to explore culture and examine people. To describe him as "the host of a food show," as if he simply emceed a reality cooking competition, is a disservice. Through Anthony Bourdain, we saw the world. He took…

FINEX Cast Iron Dutch Oven

A good Dutch oven serves a kitchen well. Few pieces of cooking equipment offer the versatility and durability of a well-made one. If you're in the market, meet the first Dutch oven from FINEX. The brand known for cast iron skillets that last a lifetime has tossed its hat in…

The Bourbon Bucket List: The 20 Best Bourbons You Need to Try at Least Once

No other drink is as American as bourbon. Eastern Europeans can carry the vodka flag, the Scottish can bring the best scotch, but we’ll take a bottle of bourbon and a pigskin-loving bald eagle any day. And when you’re stocking your home bar with some Kentucky classics (though not always…

Diamond Whiskey Glasses

Pouring the good stuff into your standard tumbler isn’t doing it justice. How about a whiskey glass with as much personality as that fine bottle you only break out on special occasions? Something like these Diamond Whiskey Glasses. The diamond-shaped glasses comfortably hold your hooch on an angle and allow…

The Norlan Whiskey Glass Black Edition

We were big fans of the original Norlan Whiskey Glass thanks to its unique design that allowed you to pick up all those glorious barrel notes when you took a whiff. Now, two years later, the company is back with an updated version that's clad in all black. The Norlan Glass…

Melted Whiskey Glasses

No, you haven’t had too much bourbon; these whiskey glasses really do look like this. While the Melted Whiskey Glass looks like it was pulled out of the kiln a bit too early, it’s actually designed to give the appearance of motion and offer finger-friendly grooves. The unique design allows…

Lodge Made a Mini Cast Iron Skillet for Your Tree

We've put our Lodge cast iron skillet through the wringer, cooking everything from homemade burgers to breakfast frittatas on it on regularly. Unsurprisingly, it's better now than it was when we first took it out of the box, which is why we have such an affinity for using. If you…

The Last-Minute Amazon Prime Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, it’s not too late to snag solid gifts. So if you’re stressing over your holiday procrastination, fear not. Add a few of the following products to your cart to finish off the list that has been giving you anxiety for the last couple of…

The Hidden Tracks: Wanderlust—Hiking Adventures off the Beaten Path

It's this time of year when our wanderlust is at its peak. We're stuck indoors while temps make even a trip to the mailbox torturous. To combat cabin fever we like to start planning some adventures and at least put our minds in warmer days. To help, there's The Hidden Tracks:…

Classic Sega Games are Now Playable on Amazon Fire TV

Don't have a PS4, Xbox, or retro gaming console but still want to kill some time with a few games? Well, if you have an Amazon Fire TV you're in luck. Sega just released a collection of 25 classic games that are playable with an Amazon Fire TV. What classics? Sonic…

Collection Suites Car Storage

If you have deep pockets and a love of cars, a regular ole garage will never do. For starters, you need more space. Secondly, keeping your vintage Porsche 911s next to racks of power tools isn't the wisest choice. What you need is a spot at Collection Suites, a storage…

New Legend International Scout LS800-Two

The International Harvester Scout is one of the forefathers of the modern SUV. Unlike many other SUVs, however, it seems to only get better with age. Well, age and some work from the talented team at New Legend. The shop took a 1967 Scout and gave it an overhaul that…

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