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Momofuku Launches Two New Noodle Flavors

Momofuku is introducing two new flavors: Spicy Chili Noodles and Sweet & Spicy Noodles.


Momofuku, the pantry-staple brand from chef David Cheng, has added a duo of delicious noodle flavors to its lineup. These aren’t your average instant ramen fare. We’re talking about a fusion of convenience and gourmet flavor that will make your taste buds sing. Crafted by the culinary masterminds at Momofuku, these noodles are air-dried to perfection, preserving their nutritional value while ensuring every bite bursts with restaurant-level taste. Each order hooks you up with 5 individual packs, making it a pantry staple you won’t want to live without.

The brand new Spicy Chili Noodles come with a fiery chili sauce mixed with rich soy, packing a powerful punch of salty, spicy, and savory flavors. And the Sweet & Spicy Noodles offer a balanced flavor with a rich sauce made from mild Korean chili paste, sesame oil, and soy sauce.

Notably, these noodles stand apart from traditional instant ramen with 25% fewer calories, double the protein, and no cholesterol. Momofuku’s noodles are the perfect choice for a quick, tasty, and healthy meal.

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