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Embrace the Dark Side With TRUFF’s Latest Hot Sauce

TRUFF teams up with Star Wars for a limited-edition hot sauce collaboration.


In a galaxy not so far away, TRUFF—the luxury truffle condiment brand that’s mastered the art of culinary innovation—has joined forces with Lucasfilm to unveil a dark and tantalizing creation: the Star Wars™ Dark Side Hot Sauce. This is TRUFF’s magnum opus of heat, a symphony of flavors crafted to embody the menacing allure of Darth Vader himself. Picture this: ghost peppers swirling with black winter truffles, creating a culinary force that eclipses anything TRUFF has unleashed before.

Nick Ajluni, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at TRUFF, explains, “Collaborating with Lucasfilm to incorporate elements of the legendary Star Wars saga into this product is a manifestation of this commitment, where we aim to craft more than just a hot sauce – we aim to create an immersive culinary adventure that resonates with Star Wars fans and hot sauce aficionados alike.” The Star Wars™ Dark Side Hot Sauce comes housed in a collector’s dream—complete with a sleek, matte black 6oz. bottle and a cap inspired by Darth Vader’s iconic helmet, all packaged in a box adorned with the Imperial crest rising through a smoky veil.

Starting on April 24, the TRUFF x Star Wars hot sauce will be available exclusively at the IGN Store for a select 7-day window. Afterwars, you can snag the Star Wars™ Dark Side Hot Sauce on May 1 when it lands on This isn’t just hot sauce—it’s a flavor adventure from a galaxy far, far away.

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