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TRUFF Jalapeño Lime Hot Sauce

TRUFF Jalapeño Lime Hot Sauce

Introducing TRUFF’s latest innovation in the world of elevated pantry essentials: the Jalapeño Lime Hot Sauce. This vibrant green concoction is not just a feast for the eyes but a symphony for your taste buds. TRUFF, known for its luxurious truffle-infused products, has taken inspiration from the rich tapestry of Latin cuisine to craft a hot sauce that redefines the genre. The Jalapeño Lime Hot Sauce marries the fiery kick of green jalapeño peppers with the zesty freshness of lime, all dancing around the brand’s signature black winter truffle.

Co-Founders and Co-CEOs Nick Ajluni and Nick Guillen reveal that their journey involved a deep dive into Latin culinary wonders, exploring tacos, ceviches, aguachiles, and chilaquiles. The result is a sauce designed to elevate any meal, whether it’s a street taco from your local truck or a Michelin-starred creation. Packaged in a captivating green bottle with TRUFF’s distinctive truffle-inspired cap, this new offering will be exclusively available at Whole Foods Market from January 2024 and online at starting January 11.

TRUFF’s commitment to unique flavor experiences has garnered them a dedicated fan base and noteworthy collaborations, including partnerships with Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and The Super Mario Brothers Movie. Recently, SKYY Partners, the private equity firm backed by Jay Sammons and Kim Kardashian, acquired a significant minority stake in TRUFF, cementing the brand’s status as a market leader. Stay tuned for a journey into unparalleled taste with TRUFF’s Jalapeño Lime Hot Sauce, a celebration of flavor that transcends culinary boundaries.

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