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Update Your Kitchen With the Colorful Cliik Food Storage System

Cliik's food storage system promises to make organization fun and easy.


Introducing Cliik, the revolutionary storage system that’s about to change the way you organize your life. With a nod to nostalgia and a dash of innovation, Cliik employs the enchanting power of magnets to transform mundane clutter into an artful display of personality and organization. Founded by Ally Dayon, the creative mastermind behind the beloved venture, Brunch, Cliik breathes new life into spaces with its vibrant collection of ergonomic storage containers.

Cliik’s ethos is simple yet profound: organization should be a delightful experience. Each container effortlessly clicks together with magnets, evoking childhood memories with every satisfying snap. But Cliik isn’t just about functionality—it’s a statement of style. Crafted from durable, shatterproof Tritan® plastic, these containers come in three vibrant colors: Aerospace Orange, Toy Green, and Off White, ensuring both durability and aesthetic appeal. And with a customizable label system, Cliik adapts to your ever-changing storage needs, whether it’s organizing oats in the kitchen or Legos in the playroom.

Rooted in Dayon’s personal journey with OCD, Cliik goes beyond mere storage; it’s a manifestation of the desire for satisfaction in organizing one’s belongings. Available in various kits online at and through select retailers like Pop-Up Grocer and Perrotin Gallery, Cliik brings joy and creativity to every corner of your home. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to Cliik—where memories are stored, and adventures begin.