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Wiz Khalifa Launches Mistercaps Grow-Your-Own Mushroom Kits

Wiz Khalifa Launches Mistercaps Grow-Your-Own Mushroom Kits

Rapper and entrepreneur Wiz Khalifa has stepped into the wellness game with the launch of Mistercaps, a brand of grow-your-own mushroom kits. With playful branding and a keen sense of fun, Mistercaps promises to offer folks the chance to master the art of growing mushrooms. At launch, Mistercaps offers kits for growing Oyster, Shiitake, and Lion’s Mane mushrooms packed with all the nutrients you’d find when foraging or buying them on their own. Plus, Mistercaps provides detailed tips to help educate and inform customers of the best practices when growing their own mushrooms. Each mushroom variety is available for $28 on its own or as a bundle of three for $75. And you can shop confidently knowing that a percentage of all proceeds will go to the Fungi Foundation, a global organization that explores fungi to increase knowledge of their diversity, promote innovative solutions to problems, educate about their existence and applications, and recommend public policy for their conservation.

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