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Cooper Fleishman

Cycling Frog Seltzer Is a Can of Pure Relaxation

I have high standards (pun intended), and they paid off handsomely when I found Cycling Frog.

Our Favorite White Sneakers for Every Budget—$100 to $1,000

We reached out to a personal stylist to help us identify the best white sneakers for every budget.

These Corridor Shirts Are My Summer MVPs

Menswear has often suffered from a lack of texture. If you're looking to elevate the standard blues, tans, blacks, and greens in your closet—and if you're reading this, I bet you are—then you could go bolder, experimenting with color and pattern. If you have the guts to go loud, more…

The Canned Coffee That Gets Me Through Each Afternoon

In my house, there are two distinct coffee moments each day: the 7 a.m. brew and the 3 p.m. treat. The former is a slow, deliberate, and tactile experience with tools I love getting my hands on—grinding beans in a Fellow Ode Brew and filling up a Moccamaster. I stand…

Beekeeper Coffee 2
Faherty Just Dropped the Perfect Summer Jacket

Early-summer weather demands garments that can elevate the ordinary (think Memorial Day barbecues), translate sweat into sprezzatura in high heat, and withstand capricious temperature and precipitation shifts. That’s why there’s a lot to love about Faherty’s spring-summer ’24 line, which I’ve been reaching for in moments ranging from morning dog…

Faherty Movement™ Flex Linen Shirt Jacket
Cycling Frog’s THC Mints Deliver the Perfect Microdose

Cycling Frog's Wintergreen Mints contain 1mg THC and 5mg CBD. It's the perfect combo for microdosing cannabis.