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Cycling Frog’s THC Mints Deliver the Perfect Microdose

Cycling Frog's Wintergreen Mints contain 1mg THC and 5mg CBD. It's the perfect combo for microdosing cannabis.

Cycling Frog’s THC Mints Deliver the Perfect Microdose

I’ve been on the hunt for the best edible for microdosing—a low-THC, high-CBD combo in a product that actually tastes good.

NYC legalization has brought me a glut of options of THC treats on my corner alone, and after a stressful week, it’s been great to get reacquainted with my deep-ass couch and immerse myself in the Hans Zimmer soundtrack for Dune: Part Two. My issue, I’m discovering, is that to dial in the perfect feeling, I have to take a blade to my gummies and try to carve out a precise little chunk. I’m like Alexandros sculpting the Venus de Milo, but with a steak knife and a wad of stoner gelatin.

In cannabis, bigger is often better. I want the opposite: low potency, low stakes. The stuff my dad got high on in the ’60s. Why is this so hard to find?

Enter Gossamer. I love this brand—they put the “high” in “high design” and produce what is, without a doubt, the best-looking cannabis accessories around, including the mint-green Nesting Set. This is where I discovered Cycling Frog’s Wintergreen Mints, which contain 1mg THC and 5mg CBD. It’s the perfect combo for canna-casuals like me, enough to relieve tension in my brain and muscles and let me revel in tiny sensory delights—like Gossamer’s magazine … or Dune: Part Two for the 17th time.

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