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Zen Cannabis Made a 420-pound Infused Chocolate Bar With 100 Pounds of Weed

Zen Cannabis Made a 420-pound Infused Chocolate Bar With 100 Pounds of Weed

Some world records catch the public’s attention and keep it. You know, ones like the longest fingernails, tallest person, largest human mattress dominoes. But then there the are records that you didn’t even realize needed to be set, like like the largest, most potent, and most expensive cannabis chocolate bar.

In celebration of 4/20 this year, edibles brand Zen Cannabis made the Big Zen. The numbers around this thing are frankly a little hard to wrap your head around. It measures nine by four feet and used 12 40-gallon vats of milk chocolate. Over 100 pounds of cannabis flower also made it into the mix. The final bar weighs in at 420 pounds (naturally) and has a hard to comprehend potency of 4,200,000 milligrams of THC. For comparison, your standard bar of chocolate edibles is 100 milligrams of THC.

This is, obviously, no small feat. It took 12 people 360 hours to make the Big Zen.

This feels like the type of record that would be broken in California or Colorado. But it’s not. Zen Cannabis made the Big Zen in Oklahoma, a state that has legal medical cannabis but recently voted against legalizing recreational cannabis.

“We were already doing big things at Zen, expanding our reach to even more U.S. states and growing bigger and better in Europe,” special projects manager Evan Senn said in a press release. “This record would be a big cherry on top of all that. This project has been so fun to bring to life and with all the exciting things we have coming up as a brand, it’s only fitting that our history includes such a creative and world record-setting accomplishment.”