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Hamilton x Dune Ventura Watch

Hamilton takes us to a distant sci-fi world with the release of their "Desert Watch" in honor of the upcoming Dune film.


In a collaboration that bridges the gap between sci-fi fantasy and real-world craftsmanship, Hamilton has unveiled a pair of timepieces inspired by the upcoming epic Dune: Part Two. The “Desert Watch” initially conceived for the fictional realm of Arrakis has materialized into the Ventura XXL Bright and the Ventura Edge, two limited-edition watches that bring a touch of intergalactic style to your wrist. The Ventura XXL Bright boasts a striking quartz-powered analog design, featuring subtle blue lines on a black dial reminiscent of the mesmerizing blue eyes of the Fremen. Activate the glow with a button on the left side of the case and watch as the timepiece comes to life with an otherworldly allure. Meanwhile, the Ventura Edge takes a digital approach with a vivid blue display, perfectly complemented by relief elements that pay homage to the iconic film prop.

Encased in sleek black PVD-coated casings and presented in packaging that echoes the cinematic grandeur of Dune, these timepieces are as much a testament to Hamilton’s meticulous craftsmanship as they are to the visionary world-building of Denis Villeneuve. Limited to just 3,000 pieces for the XXL Bright and a more exclusive run of 2,000 for the Edge, these watches offer not only a unique opportunity to own a piece of cinematic history but also a stylish statement for any enthusiast of science fiction or horology. Whether you’re traversing the sands of Arrakis or navigating the urban landscape of Earth, these limited-edition timepieces are sure to command attention wherever your adventures take you.