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The Dude’s ‘Big Lebowski’ Bathrobe Is Up For Auction

The Dude’s ‘Big Lebowski’ Bathrobe Is Up For Auction

Dude, mark your calendars! In celebration of The Big Lebowski’s 25th anniversary, Julian’s Auctions and Turner Classic Movies are unloading over 250 items from the iconic film’s set. From Jeff Bridges’ laid-back T-shirt and signature bathrobe to his Dude-worthy sunglasses, you can finally channel your inner “Dude” without breaking a sweat. And hey, if you’ve always dreamt of owning a cinematic relic, there’s even a chance to snag a signed bowling ball or some exclusive storyboards.

Jeff Bridges himself is on board with the auction, expressing his love for The Big Lebowski and praising the Coen brothers’ filmmaking prowess. In a video announcement, he gave a nod to Julian’s Auctions for making it possible for fans to grab a piece of film history. Don’t just be a spectator—bid on quirky treasures like a legit hot dog from the set of Justice League because, let’s face it, cinema is pure magic. Check out the entire lineup and secure your own slice of film nostalgia.

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