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The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Curator Pedigree Grade

The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Curator Pedigree Grade

In the vast realm of Stan Lee’s legendary creations, Spider-Man stands out as an icon of perfection. Making his debut in Amazing Fantasy #15 in 1962, the web-slinging hero swung into the spotlight with his solo adventure in The Amazing Spider-Man #1 in March 1963. Fast forward to the present, and aficionados of comic book history are in for a rare treat. Enter the Curator Pedigree CGC 9.8 grade copy of The Amazing Spider-Man #1—a gem among gems and one of only two known to exist.

What makes this particular copy truly extraordinary is its origin within the hallowed halls of a museum, earning it the moniker “Curator Pedigree.” Safeguarded in a museum vault, this exclusive collection of Silver Age comics, including a pristine CGC 9.8 X-Men #1, brings a unique twist to the world of comic book collecting. Now, this remarkable piece of Marvel history is set to take center stage at an upcoming auction courtesy of Heritage Auctions. As fans and collectors eagerly await their chance to own a piece of superhero lore, the Curator Pedigree promises not just a comic but a tangible connection to the storied legacy of Spider-Man and the Marvel universe. At the time of writing, the current bid for this comic book sits at a cool $350,000.

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