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Say Goodbye to Disappointing Hair

Bid farewell to chemical-laden disappointments and say hello to a natural masterpiece that doesn't compromise on style or substance.

PITAKA’s Best-Selling S24 Phone Case is on Sale Now

PITAKA's S24 MagSafe case is not just a case; it's a power-packed gadget. Crafted from aramid fiber – the stuff that shields astronauts and superheroes – this case is the James Bond of phone protection.

Beyond Time: CITIZEN’s 30-Year Lunar Innovation
Beyond Time: CITIZEN’s 30-Year Lunar Innovation

The Tsuki-yomi A-T by CITIZEN is a first of its kind, featuring a groundbreaking light-powered Atomic Timekeeping moonphase movement.

Chew on This: Daneson’s Toothpicks

There’s beauty in simplicity, and Daneson does the simplicity of a toothpick just right.

20190513 Daneson-modern-huntsman-BRV_9271
12 Must-Visit Online Menswear Shops

Even if you live in a major city with solid menswear stores within blocks of your apartment, you still can’t beat the convenience of shopping online. The problem is finding online boutiques that stock stuff you actually want to wear. Here are 12 we frequent that’ll help you find some…

Black Book Additions

Any Black Book worth it's salt is updated on a continual basis and ours is no different. Instead of adding phone numbers or debts, we're adding web addresses and places to shop. Check out The Black Book to see the newest additions to the greatest men's shopping directory on the…

Gilt Man

Are you a Gilt Man? You're off the hook for whatever you did last night, we didn't say guilty. The worst kept secret since In-N-Out's secret menu is the latest in a long list of "members-only" sale sites with one goal in mind - hook you up with the latest…


Women know how to buy cards.  They do it well, putting time and effort into finding the perfect message.  When a guy buys a card, it’s a lot like a round of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  We wander around aimlessly, cross our fingers that we’re in the vicinity…