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Chew on This: Daneson’s Toothpicks

There’s beauty in simplicity, and Daneson does the simplicity of a toothpick just right.

Chew on This: Daneson’s Toothpicks

The company makes a range of flavors: Cinna Mint No 7, a spicy cinnamon toothpick; Atlas Mint, reminiscent of sweet spearmint; and Mint No. 9, which combines mint flavors with fennel and juniper. Then there are the standouts made using whiskey. One option gets its flavor from 14-year-old Islay Scotch whisky and has all the peat and oak you’d expect, and the other is steeped in six-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon for flavors like leather, caramel, nuts, and fruit. Each is made with American-milled northern white birch wood with flavors from essential oils and spirits (all natural ingredients, never fats or sugars). And for each tree Daneson uses, 100 are planted.

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