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12 Must-Visit Online Menswear Shops

12 Must-Visit Online Menswear Shops

Even if you live in a major city with solid menswear stores within blocks of your apartment, you still can’t beat the convenience of shopping online. The problem is finding online boutiques that stock stuff you actually want to wear. Here are 12 we frequent that’ll help you find some good-looking garb.

1. Need Supply

For the hipster in the know

Back in 1996, Need Supply was just a storefront in Richmond, VA selling old pairs of Levi’s. Now they’re one of the most well-stocked destinations with awesome brands like Quoddy, Gitman Brothers Vintage, and Saturdays Surf NYC. shop

2. Hickorees

For the unpretentious city slicker

If you can’t make it to their physical shop in Brooklyn, have no fear–the awesomeness that is Hickorees is available online (actually, the web shop came first). Mixed in with the stylish apparel choices are fun add-ons like retro Slinkys and a bottle opener that helps you decide who will pick up the check. Hickorees is also the best place to snag ties, sneakers and pocket squares from their sister label The Hill-Side, which is reason enough to keep going back. shop


For the respectful but rebellious type

There are a number of tremendous stores in Austin, but our favorite can be shopped without ever booking a plane ticket. STAG is billed as a general store for men, and that’s exactly what you’llhere. STAG has everything from denim to a surprising amount of bandanas. It’s also a good place to pick up a candle and some face wash. shop

4. Modern Anthology

For the designer

Style extends beyond the clothing you wear to the items you use on a daily basis like the pen in your office, the set of coasters on your bar and the flask you carry. For all of this, Modern Anthology has you covered. They stock shirts, jackets, shoes and more from brands like Todd Snyder, Penfield and others, but they also sell stylish goods like picture frames, playing cards and other things for your office or home. shop

5. Uniqlo

For the style-conscious guy on a budget

To say it was a big deal when Uniqlo opened an online shop earlier this year, would be a vast understatement. The store, which has amassed a cult-like following for selling affordable basics, shocked everyone when they finally started selling their goods online. It’s the best place to order plain tees and simple windbreakers that look better than anything you could get at a department store. shop

6. 80’s Purple

For the edgy urban dweller

Loaded with brands that you won’t find in many brick and mortar stores, 80’s Purple is stocked with clothing that ranges in style from street to classic. The labels they carry are all either new or independent so you won’t have to worry about every guy having the same jacket you do if you buy it there. shop

7. East Dane

For the classic American

Yes, it’s a subsidiary of Amazon, but that doesn’t mean East Dane doesn’t know style. Since last year, the site has offered apparel from heritage brands we love like Gant Rugger and Levi’s Vintage. They’ve tapped into our desire to build a wardrobe that will never go out of style. shop

8. Indigo & Cotton

For the Cape Codder

What makes a great store stand apart is its ability to curate collections that never strays from a common theme. Indigo & Cotton focuses on understated pieces that possess a hint of the distinct look of their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. Somehow, they pulled it off magnificently. Check it out and you’ll see what we mean. shop

9. J.Crew Factory

For the preppy guy on a budget

The J.Crew Factory is a well-kept secret. While most guys have shopped at J.Crew, few know about its more affordable brother. J.Crew Factory is full of preppy pieces like J.Crew that won’t leave your wallet in pain. shop

10. Steven Alan

For the J.Crew fan with a little extra money

While you’ll obviously find plenty of Steven Alan clothing for sale on their site, you’ll also find items from brands like A.P.C. and Levi’s. The look is classic American, so think chinos, button downs and plain hoodies galore. shop

11. Suitsupply

For the dapper businessman

Buy a suit at any department store and you’ll walk out $500 poorer looking like a box. For more tailored options, we recommend Suitsupply who offer competitively priced suits in an array of styles that fit and look better. shop

12. Lone Flag

For the rugged craftsman

In an age when so much is made in a hurry by a series of machines, Lone Flag celebrates the craftsmen that still dedicate time to their goods. This care is evident in all the boots, denim and leather goods that Lone Flag sells. The pieces are timeless, trendless and well-made. shop