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Nike’s Must-Have Picks for Running This Spring

Gear up for stylish runs with Nike's latest lineup. Speed, breathability, and comfort in every stride.

Performance Golf Can Drastically Level Up Your Game With These 4 Simple Products

Backed by pros, Performance Golf offers expert videos & gear for your best round yet.

Wilson Releases Airless 3D-Printed Basketballs

The Airless Gen1 is a 3D-printed basketball from Wilson that never needs to be inflated.

The Gear You Need to be the Fastest Uphill Skier or Snowboarder You Know

Backcountry skiing or split boarding opens up a world of new terrain—if you have the right gear to make it more accessible.

The Best Golf Shoes for the Course and Clubhouse

Golf shoes are an essential part of any golfer's game and can make all the difference on the course. They provide the necessary traction, stability, and support while swinging a club or walking on uneven terrain. The cushioning in good golf shoes ensures comfort during long games, while their durability…

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The Difference Between Every Type of Theragun Model

A Theragun provides a personalized massage experience through customizable speed ranges. These devices utilize percussions to target sore muscles, promoting improved blood flow and aiding in physical therapy--making for an epic post-workout or off-day chill session. Each model comes with different attachments, such as a standard ball, ensuring versatility in…

Make Your Workouts Better With the Right Gear, Whether You Prefer the Gym or Home Gym

Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of different workouts. There was my yoga phase (I would, embarrassingly, end some emails with “Namaste”) to my P90X days in college which lasted exactly two weeks before I sent the DVDs back to Netflix. While I haven’t always found the right exercise…