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These Corridor Shirts Are My Summer MVPs

These Corridor Shirts Are My Summer MVPs

Menswear has often suffered from a lack of texture.

If you’re looking to elevate the standard blues, tans, blacks, and greens in your closet—and if you’re reading this, I bet you are—then you could go bolder, experimenting with color and pattern. If you have the guts to go loud, more power to you!

But a lot of guys just can’t break the mold too much, especially with pieces they want to wear over and over. They still need something relatively safe to wear to work or on dates, and they want to stick with colors that look great on their skin tone.

For me, it took years of hunting to find brands that elevate the fabric itself, offering unique weaves and textures that feel fresh and add a little intrigue without making too bombastic of a statement. I want threads that demand to be felt. I want admirable everyday wear. Style, not fashion.

That’s why Corridor, to me, is still the button-down MVP. Each season, it maintains its status as the king of Nice, Normal Clothes. These designers have an eye for subtle, tasteful innovation, and they get the details right every time. A few selections below …

Rainbow Weave in Blue

Easily my most-complimented piece this year.

Rainbow Weave in Blue

Spring Bouquet Short-Sleeve

Our contributor Erin Lassner loves this breezy style. (See her roundup of camp-collar favorites.) If it’s sold out, though, try a similarly breezy piece in seersucker.

Spring Bouquet Short Sleeve

Floral Jacquard SS Camp

Don’t sleep on the linen blends—like this blazer, too.

Floral Jacquard SS Camp

Tie-Dye Tee

If I needed more T-shirts—that is, if my dresser could fit them—I’d grab the Tie-Dye Tee yesterday.

Tie Dye Tee


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