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New Balance 574s Are Some of the Most Adaptable Shoes You Can Buy

The classic that keeps on giving. Here's how to style a pair of the always in fashion New Balance 574s.

New Balance 574s Are Some of the Most Adaptable Shoes You Can Buy

I wouldn’t call myself a sneakerhead by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I sourced the majority of the shoes in my closet from eBay, sorting my searches from “low to high” and narrowing it down by sellers who offer free shipping. I’m just a simple guy with simple pleasures.

Because of this–or despite it–I’ve become very loyal to one shoe over all others: New Balance 574s. I’m far from alone. They have a wide fan base ranging from dads on vacation to supermodels in paparazzi photos.

While there are many styles of New Balances out there, it’s the effortless way that 574s can be styled that has made me a total convert to the point where I’ve purchased four pairs this year alone.

New Balance 574
The History of the 574

Introduced in 1988 by designer Steven Smith, the New Balance 574 was initially designed as a running shoe before turning into a streetwear staple. Built with a combination of suede and mesh, it’s comfortable while also giving designers the opportunity to play with contrasting colors and materials on the shoe. The design doesn’t completely overdo it and appeals to the more minimalist style of the 1990s.

The 574 has stayed fresh throughout the years with high-profile collaborations with the likes of Stone Island and Tokyo Design Studio. It’s also been reimagined, like with the slimmer and more modern 57/40 silhouette. Sure, 574s may get more attention as a trendy walking shoe than for its performance on the track these days, but the key tenets of what has helped the style survive all these decades later remain.

How to Style Your 574s
  • For the weekend:

    Pair your New Balance 574s with some baggy denim and a simple white tee. Throw on a lightweight bomber jacket for an effortlessly cool, laid-back vibe. Maybe add a baseball cap for good measure for the ultimate laissez-faire approach to fashion.

  • For the office:

    Combine the 574s with slim-fit chinos and a crisp button-down shirt. Add a lightweight blazer to keep the look polished yet comfortable. You’re ready to take on the workday and still be comfortable for happy hour.

  • For date night:

    Elevate your New Balance 574s with dark, slim-fit jeans and a fitted crew-neck sweater. Layer with a tailored overcoat or a leather jacket for a put-together look. Wear your 574s with an unstructured suit for a casual-but-refined outfit.

How to Clean Your Shoes

If you’re anything like me and you actually wear your shoes, then they’ll undoubtedly need a good scrub now and then. The best way to keep your 574s shape and avoid any damage is to start by removing excess dirt with a dry cloth. Next, you’ll want to mix a mild detergent or shoe cleaner with water, then spot clean any stains with the solution using gentle circular motions. For a general clean, you can add some detergent to the entire shoe and wash in a bucket, bathtub, or sink. Rinse until the water runs clear. Allow to air dry and they’ll be good as new.

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