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The Best TVs Under $1,500

The Best TVs Under $1,500

Whether you want a new TV for the big game or just a new set to one-up your neighbor, it pays to do your research before you buy one. Some affordable televisions are far nicer than their expensive brethren, while others are cheap because, well, they are. If you want to cap your spending at $1,500 (a reasonable goal, in our opinion), here are the ones we’d recommend considering.

VIZIO P502ui-B1 50″ 4K HDTV

A 4K TV for under $1,000? The times are a changin’. While Ultra HD is still in its infancy in the consumer sector, this kind of price would have seemed laughable just a year ago. With 8 million pixels, 64 active LED zones, and the ability to really handle the motion processing of 4K content, this VIZIO is your gateway set into the world of Ultra HD. And with more 4K content on the way, it will set you up for the future. ($910) Buy

Toshiba 39L135U 39″ HDTV

If you own an Xbox One or PS4, this is the TV you’re looking for. Smaller and much more affordable, this 39″ television from Toshiba actually has a Game Mode where it decreases controller delay while amping up animated visuals. Not just for gamers, the set boasts ColorMaster technology from Toshiba which works to give you a rich colorful picture while the backlighting helps for an impressively vibrant display. If you already have a dongle for Smart TV capabilities, this Toshiba is a great option, especially if you switch over to Grand Theft Auto on occasion. ($500) Buy

Sony KDL-W800B 50″ Smart LED TV

Sony may have faded from the forefront of the television world, but they still have managed to put out a few really nice units over the past few years. This KDL-W800B 50″ model outperforms many of its peers. The picture is crisp and bright, and the colors are really spectacular for a TV under $1k. And if there’s one thing Sony has been good at, it’s creating good-looking sets, and this continues that tradition with a sleek kickstand. It’s got all the Smart TV features you want, and a pair of 3D glasses that you probably won’t use. Black level leaves something to be desired, but overall a solid and sexy TV. ($900) Buy

VIZIO E600i-B3 60″ Smart TV

We’re going to go ahead and say this is our pick for best value. The VIZIO EO1-B Series is where to look if you want to save a few bucks and still get a killer television. The local dimming on each of these sets deliver a picture that rivals what you’d see on a TV twice the price. The black levels are pure with nice contrast, and the effective refresh rate handles all the action you can throw at it. Wi-Fi could use a little more juice, but for the price, you can’t beat this VIZIO. ($750) Buy

LG 55UB8500 55″ 4K Smart TV

If you plan on fully taking advantage of a Smart TV, WebOS is one of our favorite operating systems around. Everything is smooth, uncluttered, and simple to use. Of course, you’re not going to spend $1,300 just because the LG 55UB8500 is a Smart TV with a clean operating system, so it’s worth noting that the performance of this 4K TV is really top-notch. Not only does it brilliantly display 4K content, but it actually takes your SD/HD video and converts it to close to Ultra HD. The only issues we found were with a bit of lag when it came to WebOS and the Smart Remote. Are there better options out there? Yes, but they cost a lot more and the difference isn’t all that great. ($1,300) Buy

TCL 40FS4610R 40″ Roku TV

Want a really solid smaller TV that won’t cost you a fortune? The new-ish line of TCL Roku TVs is where it’s at. This 40″ television costs just $300 and has all the Roku connected features that made other Roku devices so popular. It’s one of the easiest interfaces to navigate, and if you want to cut the cable cord, this could be the perfect bedroom TV. The picture quality is above average, and when you consider the price, it’s really a tremendous deal if you’re not looking for something top-of-the-line with features you don’t care about. ($300) Buy

Sharp LC-60LE650U 60″ Aquos

As technological advancements slowly push outdated models from the shelves, you can occasionally swoop in at the perfect time to snag a great deal. That’s what’s going on right now with this 60″ from Sharp. When judged against other LCD TVs, it shines. The picture is impressive, and the value can’t be beat. It’s a Smart TV with built-in Wi-Fi, 20% more screen area than a 55″, and a slim body. It’s not state of the art, but it’s a steal for around $1,000. ($1,049) Buy