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LG Debuts Artful Alternatives for Clunky TVs

LG Debuts Artful Alternatives for Clunky TVs

It’s hard to decorate a room without the television being the focal point. Trust me, I’ve tried. The sofa and chairs seem to gravitate due-north or whatever way the damn TV is facing. LG has recently debuted the Posé and Easel, options that show that a TV doesn’t have to be a clunky object, but can be a piece of art itself. These new models stand on thin legs that integrate into the overall appeal of the crisp lines and minimal silhouette of the design. What’s more, these televisions are substantial for their design. The Easel is 65” while the Posé will be available in a range from 42” to 55”. These two releases show that, while streaming may reign supreme, the silver screen is anything but dead.

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