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Studio Booboon Debuts Rollable OLED TV and Soundbar

Studio Booboon Debuts Rollable OLED TV and Soundbar

After LG announced its rollable OLED technology, it appears that the future of television is clear. The rollable displays can adapt to whatever size of space you have, offering incredible versatility while maintaining crystal clear displays. Studio Booboon has embarked on the same quest and revealed its own plans for a combo rollable OLED display and soundbar.

The Totem looks and functions like a minimalist speaker and soundbar when the display is tucked away. And, thanks to the height and directionally adjustable base, the entire device can be rotated vertically or horizontally. So, when the display is unfurled, you can opt for a traditional horizontal display or a slimmer vertical one. Studio Booboon has designed the Totem in a variety of muted colors to work well in the modern home. No release details or pricing have been announced.

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