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Soundbars have steadily risen in popularity as more folks invest in their home entertainment setup. A quality soundbar offers a significantly more immersive experience and can drastically improve upon the sound quality of modern TVs. Audio tech wizard Bang & Olufsen have debuted a stunning soundbar with the Beosound Theatre. This intricate piece of tech actually allows sits right below your TV or, with the correct pairing, can become a TV stand. There’s hidden storage for small streaming boxes and the modular design means you can extend the sides if you opt for a larger television down the line. The aluminum and oak materials are high quality and will last you for years to come. Plus, the sleek UI with a glass touch panel is minimalistic while still allowing you to take full control of Bluetooth settings and your preset audio preferences. Most importantly, the Beosound Theatre delivers a top-tier audio experience. 800 watts of power, 12 drivers, two custom woofers, and, of course, Dolby Atmos sound.

Stylish and powerful, this is a modern soundbar we can get behind. The Danish tech company has noted that the Beosound Theatre is not in stock online but you can find it in select stores or you can be notified when it’s next available.


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