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Gear4 SoundOrb Aurora

Gear4 SoundOrb Aurora

When it comes to gadgets, it’s all about that little bit extra. Laptops without webcams? Do not want. iPhones without Facetime? Unacceptable. Cameras without watersport protection? Unthinkable. Yeah, apparently we should have just said gadgets are all about maximizing porn consumption – but you get the idea. Your iPod/iPhone dock should be no different. You could go with the standard dock you’ll find in any Wal-Mart that will do what you want it to – it just won’t do it well. The Gear4 SoundOrb Aurora more than your average dock. Brace yourselves people because it has a bunch of science crap we don’t understand stand but sounds awesome. Stuff like: DSP technology with sound algorithms, EveryColour ambient light technology, Backlit touch controls, and Virtual Wide Stereo and Surround Sound. It also has a wireless, non-directional subwoofer with 30 metre range and video out. If it was a woman, we’d use the l word.

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