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Eco-Friendly hearO 3.0 Stereo Speakers Are Made From Recycled Tennis Balls

Get yourself a set of these fuzzy tennis ball speakers.


Looking to bring a unique spin to your audio setup? Check out the hearO third edition speakers—a one-of-a-kind creation that repurposes championship tennis balls into stylish, functional speakers. Each hearO is crafted using tennis balls sourced from professional tournaments around the world, adding a sporty flair to your audio experience. This edition boasts seamless Bluetooth 5.0 pairing and 3W speakers, delivering crisp sound across a wide frequency range from 100Hz to 20kHz. Plus, you can pair two speakers together for stereo playback, filling your space with immersive sound.

What’s even cooler? The hearO’s commitment to sustainability. Not only is it carbon neutral, offsetting its CO2 emissions through ClimatePartner, but for every hearO produced, a tree is planted with The European Nature Trust. The packaging is also eco-friendly—lightweight, recyclable, and entirely plastic-free. Designed and assembled in London, England, these speakers represent the best of British craftsmanship. Whether you’re a tennis enthusiast or just looking for an innovative addition to your audio setup, the hearO third edition speakers offer style, performance, and a clear conscience.

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