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Samsung Music Frame Speaker

Building on the success of The Frame TV, this speaker seamlessly blends art and audio.

Samsung Music Frame Speaker

Samsung, renowned for its innovative tech, introduces a new addition to The Frame lineup at CES—the Music Frame. The Music Frame is not just a speaker; it’s a modular front area designed to showcase your favorite artwork or vinyl records. The covert design, reminiscent of its TV counterpart, cleverly conceals the tech within your home. With six drivers featuring built-in woofers, it effortlessly becomes part of your space.

While some draw comparisons to Ikea’s SYMFONISK music frame, Samsung’s Music Frame takes it up a notch by integrating with the Q-Symphony ecosystem. This compatibility allows you to pair it with other Samsung TVs and soundbars, expanding your home theater setup. Despite the absence of a screen, the Music Frame’s unique concept adds a touch of sophistication, leaving tech enthusiasts eager to learn about its pricing and release date. Samsung continues to push the boundaries of tech and design, creating a buzz that promises an exciting addition to the world of audio and decor.

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