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Anker’s Solix X1 Home Energy System Is Here to Power Your House

Anker can keep your phone - or now, your house - fully charged


Looking to transform your home into a powerhouse of energy independence? Anker’s Solix X1 home energy system might just be the answer. Launched last year, this revolutionary system offers scalable energy solutions tailored to your household’s needs. Encased in a sleek, compact 5.9-inch design, the Solix X1 features stackable battery packs ranging from 5kWh to a whopping 180kWh capacity, delivering power outputs from 3kW up to 36kW. At its highest capacity, it’s capable of not just running your household essentials but also keeping your HVAC system humming and your electric vehicle charged.

Beyond its impressive capabilities, the Solix X1 is designed for adaptability. It automatically charges ahead of severe weather events and operates seamlessly across a broad temperature range, whether installed indoors or out. Anker’s focus on innovation and practicality shines through in this comprehensive energy solution. For those ready to take charge of their home’s power supply, pricing for the Solix X1 is available upon request. Experience the future of home energy management with Anker’s Solix X1—it’s power reimagined.

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