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Marshall Celebrates 100 Years of the Iconic Celestion Speaker With a Limited-Edition Amp

Marshall pays tribute to the speaker that started it all.


To celebrate Celestion speakers’ centennial, Marshall has masterfully revamped the iconic Studio JTM amp, featuring a bespoke 12-inch speaker. Echoing the legendary sound of Celestion’s original 50s and 60s electric guitar speakers, the Celestion 100 amp embodies the enduring partnership between these two musical giants. Handcrafted in the UK and limited to just 100 units worldwide, this collector’s gem showcases the essence of British craftsmanship and musical heritage. Loaded with two ECC83 preamp valves, two 5881 power amp valves, and one ECC83 phase splitter, the Celestion 100 delivers that classic rock ‘n’ roll renaissance vibe.

The Celestion 100’s design is a nod to its storied past, featuring period-correct aesthetics like white knobs, a black panel, and cream covering, alongside a metal, red enamel “coffin” logo. Steve Smith from Marshall Group hails it as the perfect tribute to their long-standing collaboration with Celestion. This limited-edition amp, available for $3000, is poised to become a must-have for enthusiasts and collectors alike. With only 100 bundles worldwide, the Celestion 100 is more than an amp; it’s a piece of musical history.