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SUBU Slippers comfort your barking dogs after a long day with a soft, spongy footbed and an insulated exterior. Whether you’re on your feet all day at work, just spent time at the gym, or are in search of next level comfort, these are the slippers your aching feet desire. They also boast a rugged outsole, meaning wearing them outdoors is not out of the question, so you’re not limited to indoor comfort alone. Perfect for the colder months, SUBU Slippers are like cladding your feet in sleeping bags that rest atop foam mattresses. In other words, once you put these on, you may never take them off.


Lululemon has made quite a few innovations in the world of athletic wear over the years. Their ABC Joggers incorporate one of our favorites—their famous ABC (anti-ball crushing) engineering. That’s right, these sleek joggers are engineered to give the boys room to breathe regardless of what you’re doing while you’re wearing them. With the addition of a secure zip pocket and a hidden phone sleeve, they’re great for trips to the gym or travel. And since they’re available in eight different colorways, there’s a pair that will work with every outfit.