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For the better part of the past two decades, the Honda CRF450R has been one of our favorite racing motocross motorcycles because of its combination of power and accessibility. Honda has pulled out all the stops for the sixth generation of the iconic bike, particularly with the 2022 CRF450R options. Featuring a 449cc liquid-cooled, sing-cylinder engine with an exclusive Unicam design that allows it to deliver instant power. Pair that with a Showa suspension at both ends, light twin-spar aluminum frame, launch control and a close-ratio five-speed transmission and you have the recipe for a bike that handles as well through the corners as it does through the whoops. Even better, it’s also available in the souped up CRF450RWE (Works Edition) for a few grand more that includes premium features like a hand-ported cylinder head, DID DirtStar LT-X rims, Yoshimura exhaust, Hinson clutch basket, RK gold chain, revalved suspension and a special ECU settings.


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