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Ducati x Bentley Diavel Motorcycle

Ducati x Bentley Diavel Motorcycle

Step into the intersection of Italian flair and English sophistication with the Ducati Diavel for Bentley—an exclusive collaboration that’s the lovechild of Italy and England’s coolest influences. Limited to a mere 500 units, with 50 Mulliner editions for the true connoisseurs, this bike is as rare as it gets, akin to finding serenity in Times Square. Picture the Bentley Batur, now imagine it on two wheels—that’s the Diavel. With design elements mimicking the Batur’s elegance, from air intakes echoing the iconic grille to a fender seemingly chiseled by Michelangelo, this motorcycle exudes a refined style that’s impossible to ignore.

What takes the Diavel to the next level is the Mulliner edition, allowing you to personalize this ride like a high-end fashion accessory. Choose a color that matches your Tuesday shoes or your pet iguana’s eyes. The 1,158cc V4 engine boasting 166 horsepower ensures it’s not just a beauty; it’s a beast. When it arrives, it makes an entrance, delivered in a lavish wooden crate worthy of a king’s living room, complete with a certificate of authenticity. This collaboration between Ducati’s Centro Stile and Bentley results in a masterpiece, where Italian passion for speed meets British finesse. From forged rims to two-tone air intakes, the Diavel is a rolling piece of art, debuted at Art Basel Miami—an event, not just a motorcycle. It’s not just a bike; it’s a lifestyle. It’s not just a ride; it’s a masterpiece.

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