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2024 Toyota Crown RS Landscape SUV


Toyota’s iconic Crown is making a long-awaited comeback to North America after a hiatus of more than half a century. But this isn’t your typical sedan—it’s a sleek crossover boasting luxury akin to Lexus. The latest iteration of the Crown, dubbed the RS Landscape, is tailored for adventure seekers with a subtle lift that gives it an extra inch of ground clearance, bringing the total to just under seven inches. This rugged refinement is paired with a specially tuned suspension, ensuring a smooth ride on and off the pavement.

The Crown RS Landscape embodies a lifestyle of exploration, evident in its bolt-on matte-finish fender flares, roof rack, mud flaps, rear fog lamps, and tow hitch—all enhancing its rugged appeal. These additions not only amplify the car’s aesthetic but also elevate its utility for outdoor enthusiasts. While currently available for order in Japan, the return of the Toyota Crown to North America heralds a new era for luxury crossovers, blending sophistication with a bold, go-anywhere attitude that resonates with modern adventurers.

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