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The Tarform Vera Is a Stylish and User-Friendly Electric Motorcycle

If you're just getting into electric motorcycles, the Vera from Tarform is an ideal choice.


Tarform Inc., the brainchild of Taras Kravtchouk, emerged onto the electric motorcycle scene in 2018 with its Luna electric cafe racer, instantly turning heads with its futuristic design and eco-conscious ethos. Despite pandemic-related setbacks, Tarform persevered, finally unleashing its flagship EV onto the market. Following Luna’s success, Tarform ventures further into the electric realm with the introduction of the Tarform Vera.

The Vera maintains Tarform’s signature aesthetic but takes it off-road, blending dual-sport agility with urban chic. Engineered for versatility and accessibility, the Vera boasts an automatic transmission, beginner-friendly seat height, and a lightweight build comparable to entry-level models. Tarform’s dedication to urban mobility shines through, with the Vera’s nimble frame ideal for city commuting and trail adventures alike. Powered by an air-cooled electric motor and an 8-kWh Lithium battery pack, the Vera delivers impressive performance and range, complemented by a suite of cutting-edge features like keyless ignition and over-the-air updates. With a starting price of $16,000, the Vera promises an electric ride that’s both stylish and sustainable, setting the stage for Tarform’s future ventures into eco-friendly transportation, including the upcoming Raye electric jetski.

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