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Honda 0 Series EV Concept


Honda unveiled its groundbreaking 0 Series of EV concepts at CES, featuring the Saloon and the Space-Hub. The Saloon, designed with a keen focus on a human-centric experience, boasts an interior layout that minimizes machine interference while fostering an unparalleled connection between driver and vehicle. Harnessing the power of sustainable materials, the Saloon incorporates the latest in autonomous driving and battery technology to address common EV challenges, such as battery degradation, and elevate both power and efficiency.

On the other hand, the Space-Hub ingeniously bridges the gap between a minivan and a sedan, offering a versatile, reconfigurable interior capable of accommodating either passengers or cargo, catering to both private and commercial transportation needs. With its shared platform leveraging cutting-edge technology, the 0 Series is poised to revolutionize the automotive landscape. The Saloon is anticipated to hit the North American market in 2026, signaling Honda’s commitment to driving the future of electric vehicles with innovation and style.