Instead of wading through the massive amount of new app releases searching for a few diamonds in the rough, just let us be your guide. This is a collection of our favorite new apps for both iOS and Android for your downloading pleasure.


Microsoft To-Do

App gets released that does something cool with a unique feature set and ultimately gets acquired by a giant corp to be repackaged as something new. Such is the story of Wunderlist, Microsoft and Microsoft To-Do. Unlike previous acquisitions where the core product was ultimately dissolved, To-Do retains all the simple and intelligent listing, project tracking and easy to use reminders that Wunderlist such a hit in the first place and bundles them with an absurdly large support structure and Office/Outlook functionality to create a whole new app that feels familiar but actually works better. iOS | Android



Bart Bonte is an independent game designer out of Belgium that makes ridiculously simple and absurdly addictive games that’ll have you happily ignore the real world until you’ve complete every last level. Case in point: Yellow. The premise is simple enough—50 levels where the only goal is to make the entire screen yellow. It sounds easy enough, but each each level has its own unique logic that changes the way the game is played, and we’re willing to bet you’re going to hit the light bulb button in the bottom right for hints at least five times before you complete the decidedly enthralling ordeal. iOS | Android



Prefer is a new, currently NYC only, app based on the premise that you’re a social person with a network of people you can leverage to find the best possible referral for a dog walker, babysitter, hair stylist or personal trainer without having to resort to an outside network or a cursory Google search. Billed as a “big network of small-world connections,” Prefer will take the people in your inner circle (or social networks) and connect you with qualified professionals based on a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon style concept. You might not know the professional outright initially, but odds are if someone you know is willing to do the intro then the people they know will do a good job. Here’s hoping Prefer rolls out to the rest of the US quickly. iOS | Android


Serial Box

Somewhere between an addictive podcast with a story you can’t quit and a weekly TV show you can’t stop watching you’ll find Serial Box. Serial Box is a platform with a new Android app that delivers weekly episodic content in a series drama format that combines everything you love about reading with everything you love about watching television. Find the unique stories you love, get engrossed in the content currently available and wait as the creators deliver a new piece of the puzzle week after week until the story is completed. Serial Box combines everything we love about reading with everything we love about Netflix in a way that makes us feel far more productive than binge-watching the entirety of Peaky Blinders. iOS | Android



Empower is a new financial services, management, budgeting and tracking app that wants to make accurate tracking of expenses, spending and savings something you’ll always have access to whether you’re at home or halfway around the world. With multiple account types (bank, credit, investment, loan, etc.) and multiple features for each account (expenses, transfers, tracking, etc.) Empower makes it easy to control, budget and save your money, from all of your accounts, right from your fingertips. iOS


Not Hotdog

Spoiler Alert: If you’re watching Silicon Valley and you haven’t seen the latest episode, stop reading now. Based on the app created in the most recent episode of the hit show, Not Hotdog does exactly what you think it should. You take a picture and it tells you if it it’s a hot dog or not a hot dog. It’s ridiculous. It’s completely absurd. It doesn’t do anything aside from identify hot dogs or not hot dogs. You can’t use it to make money or send dick pics or stalk your ex. So why would you install this app? Because sometimes you just need to know if what you’re looking at is a hot dog. Or, more likely, you love Silicon Valley just like the rest of us. iOS



We have a long list of mundane tasks that we love to hate on a regular basis, but none compare to the ordeal that is street parking. Street parking is a huge pain in the ass regardless of how you look at it. Don’t want to deal with forgetting where you parked your car? How about alternate side parking, street cleaning, meters, tow zones or snow removal areas? If you live in NYC, San Fran, LA, Chicago, Boston, or one of the other twenty cities that SpotAngels currently services, you don’t have to deal with any of that nonsense. SpotAngels tracks where you parked your car, how long you can park it there and what might affect you getting a ticket, and the app will send you updates when it’s time to get the hell out of dodge to avoid a ticket. Android


Podcast Go

If you’re a dedicated podcast listener with a collection of favorites and an app you love, Podcast Go is probably not for you. If you’re a newer listener looking for something clean and simple to get podcasts from the net to your ears, Podcast Go will quickly become your favorite app. Find, download and listen to the best podcasts or just learn something new with this easy to use app that will deliver content directly from the creators to your brain space. Android

Copy of 600_200

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