Have you always wanted to be able to talk effortlessly about any topic? History. Politics. How Taco Bell is a surprisingly healthy fast food option if you make wise choices. It can be impressive. One of the most convenient ways to funnel some interesting info into your brain is by bringing a good podcast or two to your commute. Some of the top podcasts out there can make learning entertaining. But with so many to choose from, which are actually worth your time? We’ve got you covered. These are 10 of the best podcasts that will instantly make you smarter.



Found My Fitness

Podcast junkies who have tuned into the uber-popular Joe Rogan Experience are no doubt familiar with Dr. Rhonda Patrick. As the comedian and UFC commentator mentions almost every time she’s on his show: You’re about to fill a notebook with info. Well, Patrick has her own podcast, Found My Fitness, and that means you don’t need to wait until one of her visits to Joe Rogan’s podcast to increase your health knowledge. How your gut affects your health. Should you be getting more vitamin D? Why saunas aren’t a crock. These are just some of the topics she lends her vast knowledge of all things health to. You’ll finish with a mental list of supplements to buy and activities to do. Link



Your 20s are a confusing time. It’s the time when you’re introduced to “the real world” and all its sharpe edges. And for those living that right now, parental advice and old school plans often miss the mark. Millennial is aimed at 20-somethings looking to navigate this bizarre landscape. The podcast follows stories of people in the same boat, as they deal with money, city life, and all the speed bumps they encounter. This is real world knowledge, and you’ll be wiser for listening. Link


99% Invisible

This podcast is like a drug for the curious. 99% Invisible, which started as a public radio project in San Francisco, deals with all the little pieces of design and architecture around us that we’ve probably paid little attention to. Why have used car lots adopted the inflatable man? Why do buildings have revolving doors when people don’t use them? What the hell are “challenge coins”? If you want to spit random pieces of knowledge, you should be listening to 99% Invisible. Link


The Tim Ferriss Show

You may be familiar with Tim Ferriss from his slew of popular books—The 4-Hour WorkweekThe 4-Hour BodyThe 4-Hour Chef. If you’ve cruised through those reads and want more from one of the most popular lifehackers out there, you’d be wise to tune into his podcast. Dishing out advice on everything from business to microdosing LSD, Ferriss and his countless guests will teach you fascinating tricks that will help you get a leg up on life. Link



Like the name would suggest, this podcast deals with invisible things. But we’re not talking about ghosts and spirits; we’re talking about the forces that guide so much of our lives that we rarely ever think of. How can your expectations turn you into Batman? Is fear necessary? Why do we love categories? You’ll learn more about yourself in one episode than you ever thought possible. Link


The New Yorker Out Loud

The New Yorker has long been known as the magazine for the educated and culturally plugged in. For those too busy to read the mag, consider tuning into The New Yorker Out Loud, a weekly podcast that digs deeper into the biggest articles from the current issue. Whether you want more after reading, or you want to bypass the reading altogether, the podcast works. Recent episodes discussed the influence of Joan Didion, why we love sports teams, and, surprisingly, podcasts that can change your life. Link


Stuff You Should Know

You read the title; we think you get it. This popular podcast will teach you things you should know, but probably don’t. Who gets to name continents? What’s the deal with crop circles? Is your employer spying on you? Fun, interesting info you can regurgitate at cocktail parties to impress everyone. Link


Between the Liner Notes

If your passion of choice is music, Between the Liner Notes will hook you like a good chorus. Each episode is like a mini documentary about something related to music. We recommend the “I Want My MTV” episode, but there are plenty of good ones. Whether you want to know about the bizarre brilliance of Tiny Tim, who owns Happy Birthday, or the war over tuning instruments the right way, Between the Liner Notes will fill you in. Link



Radiolab is one of the most beloved podcasts ever created. Describing it to the uninitiated is difficult because it’s hard to explain just what it is that makes it so enjoyable. Think story time meets a warehouse full of Korg machines. The one underlining theme has always been curiosity, so you can expect to find interesting topics you never knew you wanted to hear about—the world’s longest running experiment, Superman’s greatest super power, dinosaur sex. If you aren’t already listening, you should be. Link



Fans of Vice‘s HBO series would be wise to check out Reveal, a podcast that takes pride in similar eye-opening investigations. The show from The Center for Investigative Reporting digs into everything from government fraud to threats to your safety, and it does it all thanks to the kind of in-depth reporting that is becoming a rarity in the Internet age. Not only will it keep you up on current events, but it might just change your opinion on some of them. Link