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15 Podcasts Every Guy Should Know

15 Podcasts Every Guy Should Know

Maybe you have a long commute or are just tired of hearing the same Imagine Dragons song every time you turn on the radio, whatever the case, subscribing to a few podcasts could entertain and enlighten you. Problem is, with just about every person in possession of a microphone and a little know-how able to create a podcast, there are a lot of shitty ones out there. A lot. To help you get started, here are 15 we seriously recommend checking out.

Sodajerker On Songwriting

Hosted by Simon Barber and Brian O’Connor, Sodajerker On Songwriting is all about the art of creating the perfect hook. Each episode features interviews with famous songwriters about their craft. From artists like Rufus Wainwright and Billy Bragg, to unsung heroes like Eg White—the writer behind Adele’s ‘Chasing Pavements’ and James Morrison’s ‘Wonderful World’—the podcast talks songwriting shop with some of the best. Link

The Moth

If you don’t believe in the art of storytelling, you need to give The Moth a listen. Started by poet and novelist George Dawes Green in 1997, the not-for-profit organization hosts events where raconteurs take center stage. No need to travel to one of the shows, The Moth podcast delivers the goods right to your phone or computer. Link

Good Beer Hunting

There are a lot of beer-related podcasts. Most sound like they’re no more than a couple of beer fans sitting around their kitchen table drinking. A more polished and informative option is Good Beer Hunting. From the solid site of the same name, Good Beer Hunting tells brew stories with the help of folks from places like Goose Island and 4 Hands. Link

WTF with Marc Maron

Yes, Marc Maron is a comedian, and yes, parts of WTF are funny, but the millions of listeners don’t tune in to hear jokes, they tune in to hear the brutal honesty of the show. Maron tackles issues with the likes of Louis CK, Mike Myers, and many other huge names, and he has an incredible ability to have each of them open up. There are times when it’s uncomfortable, but you’ll end each episode like you just sat in on a therapy session with a celebrity. Link

99% Invisible

There aren’t many radio programs about design and architecture. In fact, the only one we can think of is 99% Invisible. Luckily, it’s good enough to make up for the lack of others. Roman Mars has created an incredible program that somehow brings a very visual topic to life without the need of pictures or video. Link

This American Life

Maybe it’s the fact that we enjoy peeking into other people’s lives, maybe it’s just the fun storytelling, or maybe we are just oddly soothed by Ira Glass’ slightly nasally voice, but whatever it is, This American Life has had us hooked for years. It might just be the most popular podcast around, and it is for good reason. Link

Stuff You Should Know

From the history of sushi to the gross things you didn’t know your body was doing, Stuff You Should Know covers a seemingly endless array of topics you’ll enjoy learning about. And, just because it’s educational, doesn’t mean it’s slow and boring, Chuck and Josh keep the informative podcast lighthearted. Link

Doug Loves Movies

If you’re looking for straight-up humor, there are thousands of podcast options. Instead of trying to listen to them all to find a few that strike your fancy, trust us, Doug Loves Movies is going to be one of them. The loosely formatted game show is hosted by Doug Benson who you might know from Super High Me or from his stand-up, and features comedians as guests and contestants trying to claim movie knowledge superiority. Link

Books on the Nightstand

If you tear through books and are constantly on the search for recommendations, look no further than this podcast. Hosted by Michael Kindess and Ann Kingman, you’ll finish each episode with a sheet of paperbacks you’ll want to add to your stack. Since the two happen to read just about everything before it even hits shelves, you’ll know in advance what releases to keep an eye out for. Link


Onnit is hands down the best fitness and nutrition podcast for guys. Featuring interviews with UFC fighters, NFL stars, and other athletes, the podcast never strays from the topic of optimal health. Link


Chris Hardwick has built a little Nerdist empire since starting his geek-centric podcast. If you’re looking for a haven to explore your inner nerd without bringing up comic books and cult TV shows at the office, you’re in luck. It also happens to be damn funny. Link

This Week in Tech

If you were an early Google Glass adopter or you just like to be in the know when it comes to technology, This Week in Tech is where it’s at. A weekly conversation centered around all things tech, TWIT covers anything that falls under the gigantic technology umbrella. Link


If you’re one of the millions of people who devoured the Freakonomics books, this is the place to get your fix while waiting for a new hardcover. Offering numerically-based hypotheses on random and intriguing topics, the podcast offers more of the goods the books delivered. Link

Mike and Tom Eat Snacks

This is a very sad pick for us, because for a few years, Mike and Tom Eat Snacks was our go-to podcast, and even though they never officially said it was over, there hasn’t been a new episode in a year. Still, the library of episodes is more than worth checking out. Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanagh use their patented (not patented) P.E.R. system (Pick a snack. Eat a snack. Rate a snack.) to give you a heads-up on the snacks you should be eating. It’s one of the few podcasts that make us crack up behind the wheel. Link


It’s hard to leave Radiolab off this list since it’s so expertly done and it has such a cult following. Every show sounds like an experiment of sound and story. There’s no topic that strings every production together, instead, each is like its own brilliant study in creativity. Link