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Web’s Best: Recipes with Tater Tots

Web’s Best: Recipes with Tater Tots

We might not go to Napoleon Dynamite lengths and stash extra tots in our pocket, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love the little fried potato nuggets any less. Like most human beings, we normally eat them as a side or a snack, but there’s a whole other world of tater tot usability out there that we have just started exploring: Tater tots as an ingredient. Here are the best recipes you can cook up with your pocket of tots.

Totchos Supreme Burger

Meat and potatoes just go together, and this burger is a delicious vehicle to deliver the two to your taste buds pronto. Good luck not eating three in a sitting. (Recipe)

Tater Tots Breakfast Casserole

Tater tots and hash browns are so similar, it’s odd only one is a breakfast staple. Have some tots in the morning with this casserole/frittata that pairs some up with eggs and veggies sauteed in bacon fat. (Recipe)

Breakfast Pizza

Anyway we can squeeze more pizza into our diet is welcome news. This Breakfast Pizza gets a healthy topping of tater tots and applewood smoked bacon. We also like the bite the provolone cheese offers compared to standard mozzarella. (Recipe)

Bacon Jalepeno Poppers with Tater Tot Crust

Why haven’t all the crusts in our life been constructed out of tater tots?? These appetizers put a seriously awesome spin on the classic jalapeno popper. (Recipe)

Hash Brown Waffles

The Belgian waffle maker is an underused kitchen tool that, when combined with just the right amount of insane brilliance, can churn out some otherworldly concoctions. These are a great example. (Recipe)

Mini Beef-and-Potato Nuggets

Let’s just call these what they really are: Delicious beef muffins. (Recipe)

Tater Tot Hotdish

This Tater Tot Hotdish is loaded with comforting goodness. Packed with turkey, cheese, and creamy soup, it is stick-to-your-ribs food for a cold day. Or a warm day. Or any day. It’s just delicious. (Recipe)


Swap out chips for tater tots next time you make some nachos and you’ll be mighty pleased with the results. This recipe has tons of flavor thanks to the chorizo, jalapeno, and other toppings. (Recipe)

Potato Tots Bravas

This tapas recipe features a nice, spicy tomato sauce that will kick up the intensity of your plate of tots. As the recipe suggests, some sangria should help cool the burn. After you make them, save the extra sauce to accompany other fried foods as it cuts through the heaviness of any grease wonderfully. (Recipe)

Fajita Tater Tot Casserole

If you’re looking for a main dish that showcases tater tots, this Fajita Tater Tot Casserole is perfect. They’re not a topping or a side, they’re the main attraction. Can we make this happen, Taco Bell?(Recipe)

Paté and Tater Tots Sandwich

In the mood for some high-class tots? This pate sandwich recipe takes the humble side to elegant new levels.(Recipe)

Chorizo y Papas Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Don’t worry that you can’t really see any tater tots in this image, rest assured, they’re in there. This is a sandwichized version of Chorizo y Papas – a popular Mexican breakfast dish of chorizo, potato, and egg that is normally served in a tortilla – that uses tater tots as the potato. You might not see them, but you’ll taste their fried goodness. (Recipe)

Tater Tot Fusion Tacos

Go to any fast food taco place, and you’ll find that the filling is usually one of three or four different things. That’s it. These Tater Tot Fusion Tacos swap out the beef, chicken, or pork, for tater tots and beans. As expected, the results are fantastic. (Recipe)