Every man should have a good EDC knife. A trusty knife is necessary to do all the everyday tasks hands can’t cover. With a handy blade, you’re ready for anything. When it comes to something that won’t be an annoyance to tote around, a keychain knife is absolutely perfect. It’s tiny and discreet but ready for action when and where it’s needed. Here are 8 keychain knives to consider:


SOG Micron

Our friends at SOG created an absolute masterpiece with their key ring-sized SOG Micron. It’s less than 3.5 inches long when open, with a 1.5-inch stainless blade, and it comes with the same lifetime warranty SOG knives are known for. This thing will outlast every car whose key ring you put it on. Just be careful, because SOG has since released the Micron 2.0, but it’s a 5-inch knife and won’t fit on a key ring. $10


Gerber Ridge

One and a half ounces. That’s it. That’s all this beautiful, American-made piece from Gerber weighs. The handle conveniently doubles as a money clip for extra versatility. The partially serrated stainless edge cuts through anything in the field. At just 3 inches closed it fits perfectly on any key set. It even comes with a pocket clip and key ring loop for easy access and carry-ability. It’s big enough to feel solid in your hand, but light enough and compact enough when closed to be hardly noticeable when you don’t need it. $33


Böker Plus Mini Slik

Böker’s Mini Slik came direct from the mind of New York photographer Rob Amsler, and as far as EDC keychain carriers are concerned, it truly is a work of art. A 440C steel blade and a titanium handle make this knife lightweight and damn near indestructible, but it’s 2-inch blade and full open length of less than five inches make it the ideal key ring knife. We also love it because at $56 it’s more than affordable for most any budget. The Tanto blade makes it applicable in several different cutting/slicing situations. $56


Quiet Carry Mini-Q

We’re huge fans of the folks at Quiet Carry, and after you get your hands on one of their beautiful Mini-Qs, you’ll see why. The Mini-Q features a Grade 5 titanium handle and stainless steel blade that weighs a total of 78 grams. The blade is less than 2.5 inches in length, but is more than enough to handle most everyday jobs. The most unique feature about the Q is that it doesn’t just attach to a regular key ring and get lost in a jumble of other keys; it is a literal key organizer that doubles as a pocket knife. If you want sleek, functional, and completely minimalist, the Mini-Q is the way to go. $68


BucknBear Small Abalone Folder

BucknBear does a lot of really far out looking knives, and their Small Abalone Folder is no exception. Its 2-inch blade is crafted from real-deal VG 10 Core Japanese Damascus, and its wild-looking handle is made from abalone shell (a particular kind of warm-water dwelling mollusk). Most importantly, the Abalone Folder is under three inches when closed, and less than five when opened, which means you’ll forget it’s even there. Excellent quality, a reasonable price, and a package so small that you can put it practically anywhere—sounds perfect to us. $111


DB Blades Micro Grunt

Dom B. is a small one-man-shop knife maker out of Australia, and his DB Blades Micro Grunt is too good not to include on this list. Handmade using Aeb-I stainless steel, chisel ground and acid stonewashed for a rough-and-tough look, the gorgeous 1.5-inch blade can take a beating to last a lifetime. The blade also includes a paracord lanyard for those emergency situations, as well as a grippy g10 handle to ensure you’ll never lose your blade in even the hairiest of situations. $216


Curtiss Knives ODT Flipper

Specifically engineered to be the same exact dimensions as a standard dog tag, and with a weight of just over 2 oz., the Flipper by ODT is hands-down the most unique and compact blade on this list. At just three inches overall, the one-inch blade features vertical and horizontal cutting edges and ensure you’re ready for anything. The frame is made from high-strength titanium, the blade from CTS-XHP steel, and it’s so tiny and fun to flip open (thanks to its caged bearing-guided pivot system) that reviewers have even called it a fidget toy. It’s spendy in the $300 range, but like all of Curtiss’ knives, it’s built to be used, built to work, and built to last. $295



The Crocotool is probably technically considered more of a multi-tool, but it makes our list because it does feature a razor sharp 2-inch cutting edge, along with a can/bottle opener, a wrench (6, 7, 8, and 10mm), a bit driver, a screwdriver, crowbar, wire bender, and scraper. It’s made from a combination of several quality steels, weighs just over 20 grams by itself, and can take whatever abuse you throw at it. The Crocotool doesn’t fold, but does feature a beautiful Kydex sheath that clips perfectly to any key ring. TBD

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