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11 Everyday Carry Shops Every Guy Should Know

11 Everyday Carry Shops Every Guy Should Know

Acquiring a full collection of everyday carry gear can take some time—you pick up a knife here and a pocket flashlight there. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, we understand impatience. For those of us who like shops where we can knock out a laundry list in one fell swoop, we’ve compiled this list of our favorite EDC shops.

Best Made Company

What started as a shop for better, more stylish axes, has turned into a full-fledged gear outlet. Everything Best Made crafts and sells blends style with functionality. You can find everything from good-looking tactical pens to pocket blade sharpeners on their virtual shelves (or on their physical shelves at their brick and mortar in New York). Link

Vigilant Gear

“Equip. Survive. Endure.” That’s the motto of Vigilant Gear, and if you’re a modern survivalist, they’re ready to fill your pockets. Vigilant Gear’s collection of small, functional tools will outfit your wallet, bag, or pair of jeans with the things you need to slip out of sticky situations. Link

The Cool Material Shop

We’d like to think we know a thing or two about solid EDC gear–hell, we put together this list. If you’re looking for all our absolute favorite items, you’d be wise to check out our shop. The Cool Material Shop is stocked with only the products we love. When it comes to your every day carry, that means indestructible leather wallets, razor-sharp pocket knives, brass key chains, and loads more gear we personally use. If you’re a fan of the gear we toss on this site, the Cool Material Shop is for you. Link


Purveyors of everything from records to mattresses, where Huckberry truly shines is their ever expanding range of durable, compact goods. From a Firesleeve for your Bic lighter to a collection of stealth pocket knives, Huckberry keeps you coming back to see what’s been freshly stocked. And if your daily journeys take you along trails and through some pines, you’ll love them even more. Link

Fenix Outfitters

EDC carries with it a tactical undertone. To satisfy that need, there’s Fenix Outfitters. Loaded with hideaway knives, reinforced flashlights, and gear built to take a beating, Fenix Outfitters has the everyday carry gear for those aspiring to run some covert ops. Link

The Bushcraft Store

For the outdoorsy among us, handle your forest-ready EDC at The Bushcraft Store. They’ve got everything from nano cord bracelets to pocket knives with handles made from every wood imaginable. It’s the everyday carry shop for campers, hunters, or just those who get antsy confined by four walls. Link

J.L. Lawson & Co.

While it’s not an emporium for a wide range of goods like others on this list, we couldn’t leave the guys at J.L. Lawson & Co. off. Started by Anthony Allen Lawson and his father—the company even gets its name from Anthony’s grandfather—J.L. Lawson is a family-run machine shop that churns out small goods with care. From brass bottle openers to keychains that will last an eternity, let them fire up the machines for you. Link

ITS Tactical

With a combination of their own products and those made by dependable manufacturers, ITS Tactical stocks gear to keep you safe from any threat. Load up on wallet-sized lock pick sets, foldable knives, zipper pull compasses, and more. Link

Triple Aught Design

Craftsmen use 000 (triple aught) as shorthand for a thousandth of an inch. It’s about precision. That attention to detail has inspired Triple Aught Design. Full of functional adventure gear, the shop can outfit you for whatever you might encounter in the wild. Check them out for knives, lights, awesome carry pouches, and more. Link


You know all the tactical EDC gear that gets sent to government agencies? Well, sometimes there are leftovers. For those leftovers, hit up CountyComm. Loaded with rugged wristwatches, tactical flashlights, and a range of unique everyday carry products, CountyComm manufactures and sells the gear government agencies use. If it’s good enough for those guys, it’s good enough for you. Link