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The Best Wireless Chargers for Your New iPhone X

The Best Wireless Chargers for Your New iPhone X

Whether you found it under the tree or bought it for yourself, you now have a fancy new iPhone X or iPhone 8 that you’re just dying to make the most out of. You’ve installed all the latest apps, bought all the best accessories and setup your regular backups. Now what? Wireless charging! Why deal with plugging in a cable when you can just set your phone on a pad or a stand and let it charge automagically? We know, we know, Apple was late to the party when it comes to finally integrating wireless charging, but that means the iPhone people have some catching up to do. We put together a list of our favorites below.

Anker Wireless Charging Pad

Founded a handful of years ago by a former senior software engineer from Google, Anker quickly rose through the ranks to become one of our favorite manufacturers of tech accessories. Based on the thousands of positive reviews of their cables, batteries and chargers from other customers on Amazon, the rest of the world agrees, too. The Anker Wireless Charging Pad combines wireless charging with a fast charge mode with LED indicators, a non-slip pad and a simple, disc-like design to create an effective device that just works. Better yet, Anker managed to put all that in package that costs less than a fancy dinner. $26

Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand

We’re all for the simple wireless disc chargers when it comes to charging your phone at night, but that just won’t do when you’re sitting at your desk and want to stay up to date on notifications. Those situations call for something like the Anker PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand. This iPhone wireless charger takes everything we love about the wireless charging pad above and turns it into a stand that will charge your device horizontally or vertically while still leaving it easy to read and use in the process. Plus, it won’t clash with the rest of your desk accessories. $26

Samsung Qi Certified Fast Charge Stand

Your fancy new iPhone cost an arm and a leg, so we have absolutely no qualms about you wanting to stick to brands you’re familiar with. There’s no point wasting money on wireless experiments. The Samsung Qi Certified Fast Charge Stand has a four star rating with close to eight thousand reviews on Amazon alone, so it’s safe to say that this sleek, iPhone/Android compatible wireless charging stand will fit the bill when it comes to real world use at home or at the office. $40

Belkin BOOST UP Wireless Charging Pad

Tech editors rarely agree on anything when it comes to mobile phones, but everyone seems to agree that the Belkin BOOST UP Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus is one of the best out there if you’re willing to drop almost sixty bucks on the product. For starters, it was designed in conjunction with Apple. It has a five foot cord and 7.5W charging, which makes it more reliable, faster and also capable of working with almost any case you might have on your phone. And since it bears the Belkin name, you know it’s going to be reliable, well-designed and built to last. $60

Mophie Wireless Charge Pad

Ever since we got our first Mophie charging brick back when you could count iPhone models on a single hand, the brand has consistently impressed us when it comes to their mobile device power accessories. The Mophie Wireless Charge Pad is no different. The Apple optimized charger is MFI certified and works with Qi Wireless Technology to output 7.5W to any of the Apple supported devices you set on the non-slip, rubberized, 360-degree, circular charging pad. $60

IKEA Riggad Lamp and Charger

Attractive work or desk lamp, paired with wireless charging and an affordable price tag—what more can you ask for? The IKEA RIGGAD LED lamp with built-in wireless charging pretty much does it all. Birch details. Perfectly contrasting design. Qi-certified for all compatible devices. IKEA design and affordability. And it even has a separate USB port built-in if you want to charge two devices at the same time. Seeing as how most of us charge our iPhones when we’re working at our desk, having a lamp that will illuminate your work while also charging your lifeline makes a lot of sense. $70

Mophie Powerstation Wireless External Battery Charger

If you’re anything like us, you’re already traveling with at least one portable battery to charge all your devices on the go. If you have an iPhone that’s capable of Qi-enabled charging, the Mophie Powerstation Wireless External Battery Charger will kill two birds with one stone. It’s a portable battery with 10,000mAh capacity that will also wirelessly charge any of your compatible devices. Seeing as how you’re already going to be carrying a battery, why not have one that also don’t require you to carry charging cables? $100

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