Let’s face it, sometimes we rely on our phones a little more than we should. Ever since the inception of the “smart phone” we’ve used our phones for everything. They are our camera, journal, social media machine and sometimes we even use them to make phone calls. We use them for so much from Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat that it seems like they run out of gas way before we do. The best way to combat a constantly drained battery is by purchasing a backup battery pack. There are so many great ones available that we really have no excuse when our battery runs out. That is, even if we spent the whole afternoon playing Super Mario Run.


RAVPower 26800mAh Power Bank (26,800mAh)

This lithium-ion-based power pack is ridiculously fast with three USB ports pumping out a combined 5.5A output. Just plug your decide in and get that juice. You can charge an iPhone 7 or Galaxy s7 (or almost any other smart-phone) about ten times before you need to recharge it. It contains something called “iSmart Technology” that is designed to automatically determine the best possible charging current for each device plugged in. You’re guaranteed a fast charge every time.


SunJack 45000mAh Portable Charger (45,000mAh)

The SunJack only takes seven hours to reach a full charge using DC or twenty-three hours with a USB. That time is worth it once you realize that it will charge your iPhone 7 up to 22 times before it needs to recharged. Even your tablet can be charged 6-7 times and your laptop 3 times. It has three outputs so you can charge all three of your devices at the same time and it weighs less than two pounds to guarantee comfort and mobility. It even comes with a carrying case. That’s pretty awesome.


XTPower MP-30000 Power Bank (31,200mAh)

This backup battery is designed to be used to recharge phones, laptops, tablets, MP3 players and even cameras. It has 3 ports so you can charge all of your devices at once. At its heart, it contains a lithium-ion battery and will charge most smartphones up to twelve times. It has an easy to navigate LCD display and is light and compact for ease during travel.


ZeroLemon Y590 30000mAh Dual Layer Rugged Power Bank (30,000mAh)

This battery packed was designed for people who enjoy spending time outdoors but still want their phones to work in case of emergency. This durable battery will charge your smartphone more than eleven times. It also works with a 2 amp or higher charger when most battery packs only work with 1 amp. It also has the same high-level battery cells that are used in Apple products as well as four ports for charging multiple devices at once.


Trusda LPB50 Portable Battery Pack (50,000mAh)

A backup charger with 50,000mAh, this Trusda is known for its incredible fast charging time. You won’t have to wait long for your phone to charge. Plus, no matter how little juice your phone has, most smartphones can be charged up to fifteen times. Like the soon-to-be-mentioned MAXOAK, this charger also has six ports that are perfect for smartphones (as well as laptops and tablets). Plus, at 2.77 pounds, it’s compact and light enough to fit in your bag, suitcase or jacket pocket.


MAXOAK (50,000mAh)

This bruiser has a ridiculous 50,000mAh capacity. This means that when fully charged, it can recharge your smart iPhone 7 Plus 11 times and your Galaxy S7 11 times Now that’s a lot of juice. The best part is that since it has six output ports, it can charge multiple devices at once (even your laptop). You’ll never be able to use the “my phone died” excuse again.

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