Whether you’re talking about the Internet, smartphones, AI voice assistants, computers, or robot vacuums, there’s no denying that modern technology has changed the world–mostly for the better. As much as we appreciate all those advancements, the fact that there are–or could be–robot dogs running around still freaks us out in a Terminator Skynet kind of way. Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Dog was terrifying enough in its own right, but the new Unitree AI Robot Dog is smaller and infinitely more sprightly. It might only be able to carry an 11lb payload, but AI has a smart camera with depth, real-time HD video transmission, force-sensors on each of the feet and 1-2.5hr operating time. What’s more, it can hit a max speed of up to 7.38 mph which is less than a real-life dog but still shocking when it’s a door-opening robot doing it. The Unitree AI Robot Dog even has a human follow mode so you can treat it like a real pet.


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