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Piaggio Is Back with a New Cargo Carrying Robot

Piaggio Is Back with a New Cargo Carrying Robot

When renowned manufacturer Piaggio decided to branch out from the world of scooters and motorcycles into the world of follow behind cargo robots we were honestly a little confused. The first Gita Robot was stylish and well-designed, but it ultimately ended up being a little too costly and cumbersome. Piaggio is back with the Gitamini, a smaller and now liftable intelligent cargo vehicle that’s equally as robust as its big brother. The principle is the same–exercise ball meets BattleBot style robot with two giant wheels, internal cargo container and all the technology needed to lock on to you and follow you with your stuff–without the use of Bluetooth or GPS. This time around, the robot weighs just 28lbs and is capable of carrying up to 20lbs of stuff for up to 21 miles at up to 6mph. Sure, it’s a little unconventional to travel with a cargo robot, but it’s a helluva lot more convenient than carrying a backpack and it will start conversations. The Gitamini will be available mid-October in Spark Citron and Boardwalk Beige colorways.

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