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The Best Shower Speakers to Listen While You Wash

The Best Shower Speakers to Listen While You Wash

We understand that every man reading this has at least one shower jam that they like to get down to, and sing along with, while they’re rubbing themselves down with the latest and greatest in the world of body wash. We’re not going to critique your choice of music because that’s private time, but we can recommend some pretty great speakers to help you on the accompaniment front. These are the best shower speakers for any budget.

AmazonBasics Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker

The AmazonBasics Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker has a 33′ wireless range, 3-watt audio driver and passive subwoofer, 12 hours of playtime on a full charge and high-def sound all packed into a container small enough to fit in your hand. Most importantly, even when it’s not on sale, it has a price tag less than twenty bucks and free Prime shipping. Is it the best sounding speaker in the world? Of course not. Does it kill it when it comes to shower renditions of your favorite classics while also being able to be clipped on a pack for adventures? Absolutely. $19

VicTsing Shower Speaker

If you want a slight upgrade from the AmazonBasics option, while still not breaking the bank, look no further than the VicTsing Shower Speaker. You’ve probably never heard of the brand before, but with close to 5,000 reviews resulting in a four-and-a-half star rating and a price tag of only twenty one dollars it’s worth taking a chance on a 5W speaker with A2DP, 6 hours of play time at 70% volume, a built-in mic, hands-free speakerphone and a suction cup that makes it easy to attach to tile, glass, or any other surface. Taking conference calls in the shower probably isn’t the greatest idea in the world, but if the need arises you’re going to be glad this is the speaker you have attached to the wall. $21

Braven Mira Bluetooth Speaker

The Braven Mira Bluetooth Speaker has a 1200mAh battery for 10 hours of wireless audio, volume and play/pause and next/previous controls on the face, more colorways than you have tile options for your shower, IPX5 water-resistance rating and an Aux-out port for devices without Bluetooth. Those are all incredibly important features when it comes to a Bluetooth speaker, especially one you want to use in the shower. But the reason you’re going to really love the Braven Mira Bluetooth Speaker is the fold out, hinged ABS plastic kickstand that can also be used as a hook around the shower head if your bathroom has no readily available shelves. $35

Anker SoundCore Sport Bluetooth Speaker

Founded less than a decade ago in California by a group of friends working at Google, Anker has quickly become one of the go-to names when it comes to quality, affordable electronic devices. Their products are consistently being featured in our Steals section because they want to get their products in the hands of as many people as possible, but more importantly, their wide range of products from emergency supplies to Bluetooth speakers makes them a force to be reckoned with in the consumer electronics market. The Anker SoundCore Sport is the little Bluetooth speaker that could with IPX7 resistance rating, high-fidelity sound, 10-hour playtime and a functional strap that can be used to hang it on everything from a hotel showerhead to a set of bike handlebars. $40

BOOM Swimmer DUO Bluetooth Speaker

While it might look a little like a kettlebell when the tail is wrapped through the base, there’s no denying the fact that the BOOM Swimmer DUO Bluetooth Speaker looks like a speaker version of the little swimmers that you spent so long refusing to name in Health class. We don’t care about the connotation because this is a great speaker built with Polk audio technology. The same reasons it’s uncomfortable to talk about around your mom make it great for wrapping around shower rods, oars or ski poles, and it also happens to have a great sound with built-in mic, speakerphone, on-face controls and the ability to pair multiple swimmers for stereo audio. $45

FUGOO Tough Bluetooth Speaker

The FUGOO Tough Bluetooth Speaker is one of our favorite outdoor Bluetooth speakers because it’s built tougher and made with more attention to detail than your average rebuilt vintage Land Rover. You need a shelf or somewhere sturdy to store it, but it has 95dB of volume for up to forty hours, six drivers on four sides for an all encompassing listening experience and all the smartphone assistant integration you could possibly want. If someone can explain to us why that doesn’t make this the best shower speaker out there we’re more than willing to listen. But cards on the table, you probably won’t be able to convince us otherwise. $120