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Polaroid Releases Colorful, Retro Speakers

Polaroid Releases Colorful, Retro Speakers

Polaroid already has the nostalgia-induced instant photo market cornered, so the American brand has decided to test out the audio industry with a range of colorful, stylish music speakers. The collection has four options: the portable P1 and P2, the boombox-esque P3, and the P4. The P1 and P2 offer 10 and 15 hours of playback time, respectively, and are equipped for on-the-go music listening. The P3 has a built-in metal handle and comes with an analog dial. The P4 is a bit larger and, as such, has the most powerful playback capabilities.

The most impressive, and smartest, feature of the collection is that all of the speakers can seamless connect with each other offering seriously impressive stereo sound. And, from a design perspective, Polaroid has nailed it with pops of retro color and a simple, user-friendly construction. The lineup starts at $60 for the P1 and goes up to $290 for the P4.

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