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Retrospekt and Polaroid Team Up for Old-School InstantArt Cameras

Shake it like a Polaroid picture.


Retrospekt, the maestros of retro revival, have outdone themselves with their latest release: InstantArt, a limited-edition series of official Polaroid 600 instant film cameras. Channeling the nostalgic vibes of ’80s and ’90s computer graphics, this collection is a vibrant tribute to the pixelated wonders of early digital art. Imagine geometric patterns and bold color blocking in vivid yellows, hot pinks, and electric blues, all combined with playful pixel-art symbols – a true feast for any retro tech aficionado’s eyes.

The magic doesn’t stop at the aesthetics. Underneath the bold exteriors, each camera is crafted using authentic Polaroid 600 components from the ‘80s and ‘90s, meticulously refurbished to perfection by Retrospekt’s skilled technicians. Packed in boxes reminiscent of vintage software shelves, complete with customizable sticker sheets, these cameras are more than just functional—they’re art objects. Set to drop in limited quantities on June 18, 2024, through Retrospekt’s website, the InstantArt cameras are a must-have for instant photography enthusiasts and lovers of vintage tech alike.