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When shopping for record players, you’ll want a turntable that marries aesthetics with high-quality engineering. Turntables are pricey pieces of gear so you want to invest in one that is built to last and will look (and sound) great doing so. The Gearbox Automatic Transparent Turntable is a beautiful record player that combines solid performance with stunning design. The simple transparent exterior gives way to the intricacies and marvels of modern engineering. Plus, the turntable’s compact design allows you to bring it with you wherever you go. Gearbox has upgraded the tech for this latest MkII model. You’ll find an upgraded belt drive as well as a high-fidelity built-in valve phono stage. Plug in your favorite pair of bookshelf speakers and enjoy. Or, if you want to go wireless, the Gearbox Automatic turntable allows for Bluetooth connectivity. Plus, a unique built-in music recognition software means you can open up the Gearbox Automatic app and it’ll recognize the music being played on vinyl. So, if you want to easily catalog your collection or create a mobile playlist of your favorite songs, you can. Admittedly, this turntable is very pricey and there are certainly simpler record players on the market. But, if you’re looking for an eye-catching way to play your record collection, this might be it.

Proof Rover Pant

What do you get when you combine work utility, incredible durability and a stylish silhouette? In the case of a vehicle, it’s the classic Rover. In the case of a pant it’s also a Rover. Proof’s Rover Pant shares a name with one of the most iconic all-terrain vehicles of all time for that very reason. When you factor in modern upgrades like the gusseted crotch, Sorbtek-infused breathable canvas and a pigment dye that wears in like raw denim with the classic tailored fit, you get a pair of pants that can handle anything. Get yours from Huckberry today.