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USM and Symbol Team Up for a Stylish Collection of Record Storage Solutions

The USM x Symbol Audio lineup caters to both casual collectors and hardcore music enthusiasts alike.


Symbol Audio, revered for their dedication to analog sound, has teamed up with Swiss design maestros USM to birth a collection of furniture tailored for vinyl aficionados. This collaboration brings forth a marriage of Symbol Audio’s expertise in audio storage and USM’s renowned modular component system, resulting in a lineup that caters to both casual collectors and hardcore music enthusiasts alike. Crafted in Switzerland, the collection boasts a diverse array of offerings, ranging from stylish crates to expandable storage cabinets and sleek record stands, all primed to harmonize seamlessly with your entire audio setup. And with a palette of 14 vibrant colors to choose from, customization possibilities abound, allowing you to inject your space with a splash of personal flair.

Every piece in this meticulously crafted collection is available for purchase right now, with an approximate lead time of 8 weeks. So whether you’re looking to revamp your cozy listening nook or elevate your sprawling audio sanctum, Symbol Audio and USM have got you covered with furniture that not only celebrates the timeless allure of analog but also embodies the epitome of contemporary design and functionality.

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