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The Huckberry x Coors Golden Hours series have included some of our favorite drops of the year because of the brands’ collaboration with unique individuals. Golden Hour Series Part I was with Hotshot Gregg Boydston. Golden Hour Series Part II was with Eeland Stribling. Part III just dropped and it features artist, designer, surfer, and Santa Barbara local DJ Javier. He’s also the art director at Seeves, the artist behind studio Bayan Surf Club and clothing line Canto, and his style is the perfect blend of bold and vibrant with surf vibes. For his capsule collection for the Golden Hour Series, he did two tees and two hats with different characters/graphics on the white or black options. They also teamed up with surfboard shaper Joe Yee for a vintage style, one-of-a-kind surfboard that features DJ Javier’s artwork. Oh yeah, and 10% of all proceeds will go to Wilderness Youth Project, an organization that DJ partners with to get kids from all walks of life involved in nature through education and experience.

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